Sunday, July 17, 2011

Punisher coffe shop doodle.

The Punisher has fast become one of my favorite Marvel characters, his stories are a mix of awesome action movie level violence, absurdity and pathos. This weekend while killing some time in Olde city, I stopped by the Olde City Coffee Cafe in Philadelphia and busted this out, no reference or anything, just something to keep my hands busy. I got this fat brush pen to ink it with, and considering all of that I thought it turned out fairly well! I forgot what his kid's names were though...


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Space Dudes

I did a strip with these characters, the Space Dudes, a while back. It was just a random thing I did on a staples printer paper sheet that I never revisited, with some characters I enjoyed the drawing. I tried to revisit...but rather than just continue the strip I started I drew one up on tracing paper and just worked it up to the ink stage all on tracing paper...basically something to get me drawing. In any case here it is!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Artificial Dissemination

Heya Gang,

So last Saturday was the Artificial Dissemination show, at Masthead print studio, and here are some photos I took at the event. Above is my piece PRINT LIVES "in the wild" as it were all framed up.

Above is the wall I was on, I am surrounded by awesome artists, including the always impressive work of Alex Eckman-Lawn (directly under my piece) and Jennifer Gin (to the right of Alex's piece). Awesome and intimidating company!

Here is another section of some awesome work, with 2 pieces by James Heimer, show curator and screen printer extraordinaire! (He also hand pulled the prints for my contribution). Also a sweet print by Anthony Pedro!

Above we have another section of amazing prints, with work by poster machine Mike Wohlberg, Jeffro Kilpatrick and a collab with Patch and Melissa Lomax!

Not a bad turn out, eh?A big thanks to Shawn Hileman at Masthead and James Heimer, and everyone who came out to the show! I am humbled with the chance to show my work with so many amazing artists. The show is up for a month if you are in the Philadelphia area, check it out!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Print Lives!

A piece I did (the very top one) along with a collage thumbnail using various sketch materials, for the upcoming show at Masthead Print studio, Artificial Dissemination! This image was done on smooth Bristol board, lots of layers of tracing paper and ink. It had to be a propaganda piece, and I decided to try my hand at a pro-paper/anti e-reader message in light of print being dead and all. The image was screen printed by James Heimer (and they look fantastic, thanks James!) I was pretty happy with how the piece turned out, but definitely need to try my hand at more type/poster layout.