Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Nation of Evil Men 2

Recently at Tattooed Mom's, a bar on South Street in Philadelphia, the Phantom Hand crew had another show after the gallery's closing in August this year. The goal of the show was to depict figures in history who the Artist feels are...well, evil. I had a tough time coming up with anyone this year...initially I was going to depict Kim Jong Un, mostly as I think he was fun to draw...

But I had a hard time making an actual illustration featuring the guy. A lot of other ideas floated through my head, then for some reason while on the internet I remembered a t-shirt I saw on a news article being worn by a plainclothes police officer, that said "We Wake Up Early...To Beat The Crowds"...that brought to mind a lot of over the top imagery that I decided to put on the page...

This has a bit of a Marshall Law by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill thing going.

I colored 'em all in and made a little montage here....probably should have depicted a scene  with pepper spray in there...maybe later.

All Colored in!

The show was a fun time with lots of interesting pieces. I was thinking of adding some temporary tattoos of these guys at some point.


Loud Mouth Zines Available!

The zine I did a cover illustration for is now available for purchase! Each zine has a hand screen printed cover (beautiful printing by Joe Bues) and an outstanding poster featuring one of the bands featured in the zine, Balance and Composure, designed by James Heimer. Copies are limited, check out the website!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hot Dog Arts

I did these a few months ago for a show at Hot Diggity, a delicious hot dog restaurant in Philadelphia. They revolve around my obsession with detective fiction and silly fast food mascots. I tried coloring in the line art again in Photoshop and I think I dig how this coloring method works. You can see these two at Hot Diggity, along with a lot of other great artwork, and stay to try delicious hot dogs, fries and home made sodas, if you're in Philly.