Sunday, February 26, 2012

Line is Drawn Entries

I Participated in the recent Line is Drawn competition on Comic Book Resources. Needless to say I didn't make it, but I did enjoy making these too. The top is The Incredible Hulk Teaming up with O.M.A.C. against The Leader. The second is the characters from the manga Lone Wolf and Cub as super-heroes.

Pulp Love

  Some local Philly artist friends and I have been running a gallery space in Philadelphia, Phantom Hand, on 604 South Street.  

  Recently, our show theme was Pulp Love, in which we had pulp themed pieces with a romantic twist. I did the show card, check it out! I put the call out on social media to have someone put on lipstick and kiss a piece of paper, then scan me the kisses, and the call was answered! If you are in or around Philly, check out Phantom hand! We feature many local Philadelphia artists' work, and are pretty chill and awesome doods.