Monday, July 11, 2011

Artificial Dissemination

Heya Gang,

So last Saturday was the Artificial Dissemination show, at Masthead print studio, and here are some photos I took at the event. Above is my piece PRINT LIVES "in the wild" as it were all framed up.

Above is the wall I was on, I am surrounded by awesome artists, including the always impressive work of Alex Eckman-Lawn (directly under my piece) and Jennifer Gin (to the right of Alex's piece). Awesome and intimidating company!

Here is another section of some awesome work, with 2 pieces by James Heimer, show curator and screen printer extraordinaire! (He also hand pulled the prints for my contribution). Also a sweet print by Anthony Pedro!

Above we have another section of amazing prints, with work by poster machine Mike Wohlberg, Jeffro Kilpatrick and a collab with Patch and Melissa Lomax!

Not a bad turn out, eh?A big thanks to Shawn Hileman at Masthead and James Heimer, and everyone who came out to the show! I am humbled with the chance to show my work with so many amazing artists. The show is up for a month if you are in the Philadelphia area, check it out!

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